Three weeks before his 11th birthday, Dave was granted his first trumpet. With a burning desire and intense drive, Dave began practicing between 2 and 4 hours a day. A religious requirement that only increased after he reached College. First, the New England Conservatory of Music (for 2 years) and then Berklee College of Music (another 2 years). The latter was to focus on Jazz Composition, as well as Lead & Jazz playing in both large & small group ensembles.
College was anything but a flourish of successful playing and talent developing at breakneck speed. Dave first encountered ‘embouchure problems’ at N.E.C. and spent the better part of 3-4 years resolving some of his issues. Much of his related ‘embouchure’ issues (e.g. “dystonia”) were mild enough that he was able to play with approximately 70% confidence in the low and middle registers and 100% in the upper, for obvious reasons of his condition. Total resolution hadn’t occurred until later in his life when he was able to experiment a bit more and discover something that had ‘unlocked’ the answer for him forever. (This will be discussed in detail in a future method book and also on a few snippets of a video on you tube, for your perusal)
After College, and shortly before graduation, Dave was offered a full time ‘gig’ at the Balsams Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire for 2 seasons. Dave found himself performing 5 nights a week (in the Switzerland of America Ballroom), doing 3 shows per week, and playing a sixth night of ‘cocktails’ on Sunday. 2 years of this “boot camp” training led Dave to consider a major metropolitan area with which to take his talents. Los Angeles was viable, simply because he loved commercial music, studio recording and warm, sunny weather.

After joining a rock band with possible record label interest, Dave paid his bills through playing Latin Top 40, three and sometimes four nights a week. This series of grueling three-and-four sets per night, was enough to let Dave know he had to start making some other sort of contacts in order to prevent musical stagnation and sheer disappointment from settling in. The rock band never got a record contract and subsequently dropped the “horn section”, of which Dave was the leader. He made a brief demo that displayed unique pyrotechnics & distributed it to several contractors and professional recording musicians, but to no avail. With the advent of a new marriage & decent paying gigs looking rather questionable, this led Dave to consider an alternate method of survival.

Lacking the necessary thick skin to weather the climate of professional freelancing from a political position, as well as having the continuous issues haranguing him with his ‘embouchure’, Dave opted away from music for several years and pursued an alternate career in Accounting and Bookkeeping.

For the next 12-to-15 years, Dave opened his mind to embracing a variety of disciplines. Exercise & kinesiology, target shooting, mountain biking, and several serious years of Martial Arts training gave Dave an essential understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. This led him to reconsider his long lost love and passion for trumpet and music again.

It’s been just over ten years and Dave has evolved more now as a trumpet player and musician, as well as a personal project recording artist, than at any other time in his life. He has also superseded any previous skills by becoming a somewhat mature and accomplished arranger, producer, and composer.

Having five CDs to his own name, as well as having recorded on more than 50 other artist’s personal CD’s , Dave has recently positioned himself as both a Musical Contractor & Producer for ‘Project Studio’ recording. He also writes and arranges, both original compositions, as well as adaptations of ‘cover tunes’. Add to this the dozens of students both professional and amateur alike that Dave has privately tutored, and you have an almost complete package of a musician!

Dave currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area and is currently active as a ‘personal project’ recording artist, composer, and producer.



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